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SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

Registration 8:30 am

Walk Begins 9:00 am

Clarity offers practical help and hope in Christ, so moms and their babies who are vulnerable to abortion can thrive during and after pregnancy. Please be part of the Solution!

It’s Easy!

  • Create your own online fundraising page!
  • No need to collect money! We will bill your sponsors.
  • Only a two-mile walk – family friendly!
  • Come rain or shine.
  • Free T-shirt for $250 in pledges!
  • Walk on your own if you can’t join us the day of the Walk.

Step 1: Register online, by mail, by phone, or with your group leader TODAY.

Register or Donate Here

Step 2: Ask EVERYONE you know to sponsor you. You will be amazed how many will say YES!

Step 3: Please be sure all names and addresses are complete and easy to read. Bring your completed Pledge Form(s) the day of the Walk (or walk on your own and mail it in). Or enter your pledges on your FundEasy page. Don’t collect any money. We’ll handle the billing. If sponsors give you money, mark them paid and turn it in at the Walk.

$1,250 – the amount needed to provide Clarity’s services to one mom and her baby during her pregnancy and one year after the baby is born.

Your support helps provide accurate information about positive alternatives to abortion and compassionate assistance to those in our community who face an unintended pregnancy.

Clarity offers the following FREE and CONFIDENTIAL services:

  • Educational Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Verification
  • Medically Accurate Information on Abortion and Alternatives
  • Medical Referrals
  • Confidential Counseling
  • Support for Family Members
  • Clothing, Food, and Baby Equipment (through the Aspire Program)
  • Sexual Purity (Abstinence) Programs
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Post-abortion support

Third Saturday of September each year
Each year, many women in our community will face an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Many of these women will consider abortion as a solution to the problems presented by this crisis, yet few turn to churches for help.

Where a woman takes her pregnancy test will often determine whether or not she chooses to continue her pregnancy.

Clarity seeks to be the FIRST PLACE a woman turns to in when facing an unintended pregnancy so she can have all the truthful information and support she needs during this crisis time in her life.

By offering a combination of specialized services and education, Clarity is uniquely equipped to meet the complex needs of these women and their families.

Funded and operated by local Christians and churches, Clarity serves as an arm of the Church. At this home mission, we have a remarkable opportunity to present the gospel to people hungry for hope and in need of help.

This mission, located in the heart of Elizabethtown, touches the lives of thousands in Central Kentucky each year.

YOU can make a difference in the life of a mom and baby by participating in this year’s Walk for Life.

  • YOU and YOUR group can be a part of saving and improving lives right here in Central Kentucky!
  • Not available the day of the Walk? You or your group may walk another day and another location!
  • Supporting this local mission could be a part of a weekly or monthly gathering for your group.
  • Your help is vital
  • To participate – Visit www.supportclarity.org for further information.
    Click on the link for the Walk for Life.
  • Or call Clarity’s office for more details at 270-234-1122.
    Walkers do not need to collect money! Your sponsors can give online or be sent a reminder letter.

Walk for LifeWould you like your church or group to participate in this year’s Walk for Life?

Join others in supporting Clarity!”

Register online or call 270-234-1122 to register your group.

Pledge Forms are available at Clarity for you to pass out to your group members to use, or encourage your team members to sign up online here.

Register or Donate Here

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