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Exciting new opportunities to save and improve lives are happening at Clarity.

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2017/2018 Goals

  • Strategically market sexual integrity talks and resources to area churches, community groups, and schools.
  • As our ultrasound machine comes to the end of its lifespan, proactively explore ways to secure a new ultrasound machine.
  • Consider and research offering STD/STI testing as part of Medical Services.
  • Expand the life-skills track of Client Services programming to better equip clients towards greater self-sufficiency.
  • Continue the expansion of established Men’s Program.

2016/2017 Goals

Explore offering STD/STI* testing as a part of our Medical Services.

*Sexually Transmitted Disease/Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sexual Integrity Program

Engage local youth before they need Clarity by launching a sexual integrity program in church partner youth groups and local schools.

Create Client to Church Connections

Launch training program for area churches to welcome clients who have completed our program for ongoing discipleship.

Men’s Ministry

Establish and expand a Men’s Ministry component as a part of our Client Services.

2014/2015 Goals and Updates

Strengthen client services as client numbers expand by offering consistent hours, increasing our volunteer staff and improving our mentoring services.

Exciting progress has been made! Laurie Souleyrette, Client Services Coordinator, and Tammy Hurd, Client Care Coordinator, have joined the Clarity team. Due to their experience and energy, many excellent volunteers and mentors have been recruited and trained. Clarity is ready like never before to share support and love in practical ways with the women in our community who need Clarity’s services.

Reach more abortion vulnerable women in our community by improving our marketing strategies through TV ads, website improvement and increased awareness of our services in local high schools and ECTC.

Much has been accomplished to achieve this goal! A new Clarity ad plays at the local movie theaters many times each day. At Towne Mall, table tent ads for Clarity are now located in the food court and posters are in the women’s restrooms. The new client website is under construction. And contacts with ECTC and local school are being developed. Clarity’s presence in our community is better known than ever before.

Renovate our new property and relocate our medical services to this facility by the fall of 2013, then modify the existing buildings to create improved training and resource areas.

The renovation of Clarity’s Medical Services Building at 105 East Memorial was completed in March of 2014. Ongoing improvements have been made to the Client Services Building at 116 East Memorial Drive. Please stop by or call for a personal tour to see the fabulous facilitates the Lord has provided – through generous donors and hard-working volunteers.

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Financial Goals

What does my gift pay for?

$1200 provides Clarity’s complete services to one mom and her baby, during pregnancy and until the child turns one year old

 $600 provides for the initial ultrasound and counseling services needed for one mom

 $600 provides both the teaching and mentoring for one mom during pregnancy and the first year of the baby’s life

How can my gift help?

    • If 700 people were to give $50/month (or $600/year), Clarity’s yearly budget needs would be met.
    • Currently, about 250 individuals give monthly.
    • Goal: 450 more partners to give each month.
    • If you are at this event and not a monthly donor, please prayerfully consider becoming one.
    • That’s just over $1.50/day needed to save a life – potentially a FAMILY!
    • For less than the price of a cup of coffee each day, a mom and baby – and hopefully a FAMILY – can survive and thrive.



  • Some can give more, some less. Working together, on our watch, in our community, we can provide life-saving services for moms and dads and their babies at risk for abortion so that ALL in our community feel they truly have the option to choose life.