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Please Save the Date!

Clarity’s 2016 Walk for Life – Saturday, September 17, 2016

If you would like to participate, please contact Tiffany or Peggy at 270-234-1122. We’d love for this to be the biggest turn-out yet!

Click here to easily register for the Walk or to share Walk information digitally

Please REGISTER as a Walker. Help Clarity reach the goal of 225+ people Walking for Life, collecting pledges for Clarity’s mission of LIFE.

It is super easy to participate! Whether you prefer to use paper brochures or digital means, we offer lots of ways to easily share information about this important event. Click above to Register for digital ways to share and see the links below for paper brochures and posters (which can be picked up at Clarity).

Download Walk PROMO Video (for playing in church) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HwzxV062HTRkxwcTQ2RjZYMU0

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Participating in this family-friendly event is a wonderful, short-term way for you to help Clarity all year long. The funds generated from this Walk will help provide hope and help to hundreds of women in our community who are facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies. Your investment of time will produce eternal results!

We will begin in the back parking lot of New Beginnings Christian Academy (formerly Elizabethtown Christian Academy), then walk to Clarity’s campus a short distance – all on sidewalks.

If you or your group are unable to walk on September 17, you can still collect pledges for Clarity. You may walk on your own or with your group another day and in the location of your choice – maybe around your church’s parking lot.

We can ALL participate to support the life-saving services offered at Clarity!

Click on the items below. Extra copies of each are available at Clarity. Call 270-234-1122 to get your Walk materials!

Walk 16 Brochure – PDF for printing

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Walk 16 Brochure

Walk 16 Poster – pdf to print.

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Walk 16 Poster