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Support Clarity End of Year GivingYour response to this post can save a life. Last year, 95% of the women vulnerable to abortion who visited Clarity choose life for their baby. Dollars given, like yours, allow Clarity to be well prepared to meet the complex needs of those facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.

Tragically, the 5% who did not choose to continue their pregnancy represents real women and their babies. One such woman came to Clarity October 2016, telling Lynn, Clarity’s Nurse Manager, what a horrible mistake she had made two years before. This young woman had been sure she would only feel relief after her abortion, but instead suffered horrible pain, depression and deep regret. Each year on the date her baby was due, she feels renewed anguish.

Support Clarity End of Year GivingTearfully, she implored Lynn to share her story with other women who come to Clarity so they will not make the undoable decision that she did.

Your contributions have enabled Clarity to have the opportunity to speak this truth to hundreds of scared women this year. Clients have repeatedly written in their exit surveys that talking to Clarity workers was key to their choice of continuing their pregnancy. Thank you!

For Clarity’s continued ability to offer support with excellence, I boldly and humbly ask you to choose Clarity when deciding your year-end giving so that all women will hear the truth in time – that abortion causes emotional, physical and spiritual pain – and most tragically, the death of an innocent life.

Each year, Clarity counts on year end gifts to meet the budget. Please see the enclosed response form to record your year-end donation, a gift that will translate to the life-saving truth being lovingly shared with each woman who comes to Clarity – a message needed before it’s too late.